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  • Field 4: itemquantity (required) -- This variable contains the default number of items a customer may purchase at one time. The entry generally is 1 (one) but could be any number (i.e. a hand-knit sock is sold in sets of 2). You should indicate these quantities in your Web Page description to assist the customer when ordering.

    The field is also expandable and may contain entries to either select from a predefined list of values or input the exact number of items desired. This is accomplished by referencing "VARquanitity" in the field and inserting additional lines before the </form> closing tag.

    Quantity Single Selection
    (customer has no choice, x items automatically placed in shopping cart)
    Quantity Multiple Selection                              VARquantity
    Paste this before the </form> tag . . .

    <select name="VARquantity">
    <option value="A">A items</option>
    <option value="B">B items</option>
    <option value="C">C items</option>

    To create this sample product listing. . .                  
    Quantity Multiple Input                                     VARquantity
    Paste this before the </form> tag . . .

    <input type=text name="VARquantity" size=2 value=1>
    Enter # of items

    To create this sample product listing. . .                  Enter # of items

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